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The Hand Stitched Surface Blog Hop

My friend, Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Design Studio, wrote an awesome book this year.

I really admire Lynn's ability to let her art brain fly.
She gets a fabulous idea and she just goes for it!
I spend too much time telling myself why the idea won't work, but Lynn thinks up fabulous stuff and then writes a book about it. I want to be more like Lynn.

The Hand-Stitched Surface is all about creating great mixed media art with hand stitching. I've been doing a lot more hand stitching lately thanks to her book, and I have a tip for you: As I've quilted straight lines on my Thunderstruck quilt and the lines aren't always straight. They are straight-ish.
I suppose that is part of the charm of this style of quilting, however as I am finishing the quilt I discovered an easier way to make straighter, better spaced lines and I want to share this simple idea: Fold the fabric over, and finger press (or iron) a line. 

You now have a straighter line to follow as you stitch!

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