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It's here!   The article I wrote for Quilting Arts Magazine has been published and my copy is here!
It is moments like these when I am listed alongside artists I admire, that I feel humbled. There are so many talented people out there (just check social media!).  How did I get here? How did I get lucky enough to be a part of this publication? Luck might be a part of it, but It has also been a lot of work too.  Work I have enjoyed immensely. I am grateful to be a part of this fiber community. 
 Keiko is now famous with her photo featured in my studio article. She is a big part of my studio! I'm not sure which editor wrote the article about my studio but I really like what she wrote. I sent in answers to some questions and then she made it all sound fabulous.   I am also excited to share my process of creating a repeating pattern stamp. I look forward to seeing what designs people create.
And out of the entire magazine this page surprised me the most:
I didn't know they were…

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