She's a Great Teacher

Imagine if you will, a round woman with unkempt hair, wearing a loose green t-shirt, black jeans and very cute, well kinda cute, running shoes, which have never been run in, dancing, if you can call marching legs and flailing arms dancing, around her kitchen like a crazy person singing "I did it, I did it, I like it, I did it!" Sorry if that image is too much for you, but that is what I looked like a few minutes ago when I was able to put my new background onto my blog. I'm just a little excited because I was able to follow my clever friend's advice and put together something cute and then get it to load onto the computer properly! It didn't want to load at first and I had to go into the html and change it out, and I am very proud of myself for remembering what I watched Ali do! I feel like a little kid after writing my name for the first time. Thanks Ali!


Anonymous said…
Much better background than the purple! Easy on the eyes, this one is a keeper! Bravo!

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