Happy Windsday Rabbit

As I walked the bus load of kids to school today I had to laugh. It is truly Windsday here in our neck of the Hundred Acre Wood. The leaves were not just dancing across the road, they were running! We looked up and it looked like it was snowing leaves! At one point, the only little boy that walks with us, stopped and the leaves swirled around his feet just like they are in this Winnie the Pooh picture. It was delightful! I love walking these kids to school on mornings like this. I will have to readjust my attitude once the snow flys everyday and the temperature drops to 30 on a regular basis.

I read an article in Prevention magazine that says "When you're crunching that 100th sit-up or scaling 10 flights of stairs, it's not your muscles that will really push you, but your brain. How fast, how long, and how powerfully you perform is mostly in your head." So I just need to psyche myself up to love the snow that is bound to come our way! I'll need to have a Pooh-like attitude.

And so now I am off to experiment with paint on fabric today. I'm very excited about trying it and will try to take some pictures to blog about it later. In the meanwhile - Happy Windsday!


Terina Dee said…
Today, as I quilted (okay, tied jean quilts for the seniors) the wind howled outside and I felt just like you did. Enjoy it, feel the Lord's strength and let it blow my hair all over and my skirt skyward! Oh, to learn to be thankful in all things!!!

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