Hello Winter!

Halloween was a beautiful day here in our part of the world. Costumes could be seen since overcoats, gloves and hats were not needed. (Unlike a few years back when the snow was falling so thick and cold that we drove from house to house!) We did have a couple sprinkles of rain, but nothing to cry about. We went on trick-or-treating and had a wonderful time! And now here we are just four days later and Winter has made her appearance. This is our lovely peach tree who refuses to die. She is an inspiration every year as she delivers hundreds of delicious babies which we gobble up and then cry when they are all gone. She looks so beautiful in her winter coat. We will pray she recovers in the spring once again.

So goodbye Halloween, goodbye fun pumpkins and goodbye warm balmy weather -for now. Hello Winter!


Terina Dee said…
Dia says it's snowing there. It's seventy five degrees here and the wind is blowing all the leaves down, down, down.

I got the feeling of the peace of a new snow in winter from your post.

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