My Head is Going to EXPLODE!

Everytime I turn around I see something new that I want to try. I checked out an ebook at the library that will teach me more about Adobe Photoshop and haven't taken the time to read it and I think it may expire before I get the chance. There is another book I should just buy and then I won't have the pressure of reading it before a due date.

One of my friends recommended a good read for me that is suppose to be very entertaining and I already have two books I'm attempting to read right now so I had to put it on my goodreads "to read" list. I did request it on CD hoping that I will remember to pick it up and then remember to listen to it while I sew. I haven't tried the listening and sewing thing yet. I love to drive and listen to a book on cd because I can so easily get lost into the story and it helps the miles go by. Maybe I will have to drive to my sister's house again so that I can actually listen to the story if the sewing and listening doesn't work out. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, although I think my husband would.

Usually I like to have the tv on while I sew. The TV provides noise and I "watch" shows like Law & Order, Star Trek, Stargate SG1, How clean is your House and You Are What You Eat. They are shows that I don't have to look at the entire time in order to know what is going on and I love them. Lately while I have been piecing and quilting a very cute pink and green baby quilt I have been watching some shows I have on the DVR. Specifically I have been trying to catch up on the second season of Quilting Arts TV. It's a wonderful show which tells all about different quilting techniques and teaches me lots of new things I want to try. The problem is Ihave to actually stop sewing and watch the show! This defeats the purpose of having the TV on to begin with. The shows are always demonstrating such cool things and I have to look up and see the final product. I've watched each episode twice now because I keep missing something. I have a very large mental list of things I want to try and thus my head may explode very soon.

One of the episodes gave me an idea that just might save the witches wall hanging I made for Whimsy -either that or totally ruin it. I'll let you know when I finish it what the results were. Then again if it goes terribly horribly wrong, I may never mention it ever again!


Terina Dee said…
MEEE TOOOOO! And that's all I have time for...

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