To do List. . .I did

Sunday nights seem to be my night to attempt a plan for the week ahead. I can often overwhelm myself with all I want to accomplish in the upcoming week and so I decided that perhaps I would write a "to do" list, however sometimes my these lists can be a little overwhelming. I decided that I should write an "I Did" list instead. A list that will help me to remember that I did more than just get out of bed last week. Here goes:

I Did
. . . read the Scriptures with my daughters every morning (wahoo).
. . . walk my daughters to school every morning, and picked them up a couple days.
. . . pick up my daughters and all their friends in the van one day because it was still pouring rain when school got out.
. . . went to an Enrichment meeting at church and heard all about gratitude, for which I am grateful : D because I really have A LOT to be grateful for.
. . . pick up my paycheck and of course I had to buy a piece of fabric while I was there, but I needed it to finish the baby quilt.
. . . think about going to my Wednesday morning quilt meeting but suddenly became obsessed with finishing up a baby quilt for a friend.
. . . finish the quilting, binding and washing of a baby quilt.
. . . mail a birthday card to one of my friends after carrying it in my purse for a week!
. . . go shopping for groceries at Costco and plan out a menu for the week - at least in my head.
. . . carry out most of that menu plan by cooking dinner in some form every night (heating leftovers still counts as preparing dinner, right?)
. . . wash at least 2 loads of laundry (dear hubby finished up the rest -love that about him!)
. . . clean up the cats kitty litter which had been scratched out of the box because the sides of the new second litter box is short.
. . . find a new box for their second litter pan with a higher side to it so that the urine didn't squirt over the top, and they don't get all the litter on the rug. (They don't like covered boxes because they are too smelly inside once they poop. Spoiled babies.)
. . . also clean up the cat urine from the rug - what a joyous and thankless job that is.
. . . went shopping for Superior brand quilting thread at a shop on the other side of the valley and was delighted when I got there to find the thread was all buy one get one free! I bought eight instead of four spools because I was already planning on paying for four spools, so why not!
. . . go furniture shopping on that same day to find a night stand for my room so that I could put my desk into the living room and hide all my stuff rather than having it all piled on top of my desk.
. . . find a "night stand" at the third store I went to, which is really a piece of office furniture with two LARGE lateral filing drawers on the bottom and a hutch on top with doors to hide my books from flying cat hair and dust! It is a beautiful piece of furniture I found at a great price.
. . . clean up my desk, then pull it out and get rid of all the cat hair and dust that had accumlated since I cleaned it last month, and set up my new nightstand with the help of my strapping baby boy. (Thank you son.)
. . . go to Mervyn's clearance sale which isn't much of a deal at all, but had to buy some jeans because I don't know where else I will find the kind I like once Mervyn's is gone! I paid a dollar more for jeans than I normally would have when they were on sale before, but. . . deep sigh. However I did find some really cute earrings for $2.50 a piece!
. . . diecut 60 paper dolls and 60 groups of children for a lesson I gave today at Church (and it was only Wednesday when I did that - Imagine that - I thought about my lesson all week and not just at the last minute!)
. . . spend about 7 or 9 hours quilting on my challenge quilt. I never realized how fast time could fly when you were really enjoying a quilt project!
. . . drive one of my daughters to a tennis lesson, another to a volleyball practice, and then both to a rehearsal for their play, as well as their theater class (and that's a slow week of driving).
. . . pick up my college age daughter from her job of teaching ballet because the bus schedule is so stinky in the evenings! But I must say it is always nice to see her and see how her life is going!
. . . take the van in to the shop because there was a funny noise coming from the front passengar tire. Was very happy when they fixed it in 10 minutes and there was no charge! It was just a loose mud flap, which was their fault anyway from when they rotated the tires last week.
. . . shopped online for a book to help me learn Adobe Photoshop, as well as a pair of winter shoes to match my new coat.
. . . searched ebay for doll houses. My 11 year old babies have recently become obsessed with the idea that they would like a dollhouse. I suppose the older daughter didn't have this same obsession at their age because she had two three old babies running around to play with!
. . . went with the family to see The Music Man, a musical which was put on by church members.
. . . drove my babies to take a test at the Junior High to see if they can get into the ELP (gifted student) program there next year. It was a four hour test! Doesn't 11/12 seem a bit young for a four hour test? Maybe it's just because they are my babies. I don't remember if I questioned it when the older two went. Oops.
. . . went to the library and picked up new books even though I haven't finished the one I'm on now. Seems that no matter what number I am on a waiting list for titles I want to read they all come to the library at the same time!
. . . read about 2/3rds of a fictional book about a pioneer woman in the Arizona territories. Reading this book has made me grateful to live in this day and age, no matter what anyone says about now being a tougher time. I'll elaborate more in a review on goodreads once I finish the book.
. . .also read some books about beading to get myself ready for the final stage of my challenge quilt.
. . .checked my email daily, as well as the posts of all the blogs I am following and stalked my friends on facebook.

I probably did a few other things, but it's bedtime, and I need to sleep so I can start next weeks "I did" list.


Terina Dee said…
I've begun an I Did List. I've done it before to remind myself that I'm not of no value whatsoever. It's most satisfying.
Anneliese said…
Your list makes me wonder what I did with my time last week. Way to get all of that done!

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