The Cats Like it!

I finally finished my challenge quilt for Quilter's Holladay, and the verdict is in. The cats say it is a winner! Wahoo. lol Actually it did take two awards at my guild meeting as well - a tie for "Most Complicated interpretation of the theme" and "Most Original interpretation of the theme." I received a beautiful fat quarter as the prize for both titles, along with a beautiful ribbon which says "Good job" or something like that. I guess I should pull it out and take a picture, but that would interupt my train of thought. :)
The challenge was multi-leveled: use only squares and triangles, use the color green plus one or two other colors, and you could also use black and white, and it had to be at least 50" x 50". I would never have made this quilt the way I did without the challenge and so I think I am grateful for the stretching it provided me? It took me about 10 months to complete with the majority of that time spent putting 2 1/2 inch squares up on my design wall (aka - a flannel sheet thumb tacked to the wall), and then putting them up again when the cats decided to pull on the sheet and knock half the blocks down. They thought I was off on a few blocks and needed to start that part over. (rolls eyes)
I have NOT named the quilt yet, but it will be something about an eclipse. A lot of people think it looks like a flower and perhaps I should go with that, but since I originally designed it as an eclipse of the sun I want an eclipse name. I made a goal of not starting any new quilts until this one was finished, with the exception of the baby quilt I had to make for a friend (which still needs to go into the mail!), and projects for work, and technically the quilt isn't finished until the label is sewn on the back, sooooo . . . any suggestions? I really want to start a new quilt!!! I've already bought the supplies and can't wait to try out the new toy I bought too!


Terina Dee said…
WOW! How many of my comments to you start like that? This is a masterful piece of art. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen! Quilting is not my genre, but I think it is as good as TWILIGHT!!!!
Anneliese said…
Lisa, that's awesome! I think you should call it "'sew'lar eclipse."

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