I LOVE Mondays

There is no sarcasm in the above title. It is a statement of fact. I LOVE MONDAYS. Monday is the day after Sunday, which means I have been spiritually and physically charged (3 hours of church followed by 3 hours of nap). Monday is the day that we get back on a defined schedule, which means I am in charge of my schedule. I get to sit at the computer all day, or work like a demon all day without interruption if I like. Usually I am fired up for the week ahead and start with a to do list and get to it. By 9 p.m. I am happy with what I have accomplished and exhausted.

This past Monday I ran to the bookstore with my two youngest at about 8:30 p.m. Suddenly I wasn't feeling like a happy mom anymore. "Are we done? Are you ready to go? Please put that down." I decided nights when I'm tired are not a good time to go shopping. My patience has gone to bed and I am ready to join her! Patience, Energy and Charity had all run off to bed because I had spent the entire day shopping with them, followed by making a wonderful dinner of Turkey, homemade rolls, sweet potato casserole and stuffing. And that was followed by running children around and more shopping at the bookstore. Can you see why we were all beat and ready for bed?

Tuesday morning arrives. I have spent Monday being very productive. I am now too tired to function, despite having had 8 or more hours of sleep. My body is physically tired, my brain doesn't want to cooperate. I hate Tuesdays. Most of the week now will be spent in an exhausted state - but watch out come Monday! Cause Monday and I are like this! (imagine two fingers crossed tightly together)


Terina Dee said…
I love MOndays too! You nailed it! That's exactly how I feel!

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