Stop and Lick the Icicles.

My creative friend stopped by this evening to bring me a delightful Christmas gift she had made for me. As she came up to the door she bent down to get a drink off one of the melting icicles hanging from our Christmas lights. We laughed at her childishness, and then paused to observe the beauty in the glassy sculptures.

When I saw how the water from the top icicle was dripping to form a new icicle below it I became very excited and called to my family to come see right away! I heard chairs scoot and feet scramble because of the thrill they heard in my voice. "Oh, that's nice" was all one said when they arrived. As they returned to the kitchen, I heard a cynical voice crack that the most exciting thing to do in this town on a Saturday night was to look at icicles. I retorted that sometimes it's good for life to be simple and you just have to stop and lick the icicles!
As my friend left she suggested that I take a picture and include it in my next blog entry. I knew she was right. I had to do it immediately even though I haven't blogged about Christmas yet! The beauty of the icicles was just so overwhelming and they had to be documented, and so here they are for all to enjoy!

As I turned to go in from taking photos I noticed this little gift of berries someone had left for me on my mailbox. They are just one more gift of wonder in a busy world.


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