1 19 09

I'm not a mathmatician, but I have a certain obsession with numbers. I think it's cool when numbers line up and do things. An email I passed around recently had one of those math equations where no matter what number you chose, when you followed the directions your answer was always 9. I don't understand why it works but it does and it's cool in my book.

I also love when numbers line up in dates, and so after having my first child by emergency c-section - dooming the rest of my child birth experiences to c-sections as well - I decided that I would do what I could to plan out cool birthdates for the rest of my kids. For example my twins were born on July 8, 1997 - which is 7-8-97. It makes it easy for me to remember that way, and then my oldest daughter's birth was also planned, but this one was to coinside with a my grandfathers birthday of January 19th - however what made it even more special was that she was born in 1990, and my grandfather (step grandfather actually, but we were very close) was born in 1909 and I always thought it was cool that the numbers were just moved around a bit for their birthdays - 1-19-09 and 1-19-90, but little did I realize at the time that my daughter would have her "golden" birthday (the birthday where your age equals the day you were born on) on my grandfather's one hundreth birthday! (If he were still alive)

This evening I went and pick up my daughter and the two of us went to Hires as a last celebration of a great weekend for her, and we shared a hot fudge brownie and talked, and had a great visit together. Then as I drove home I saw the date on a sign 1-19-09, and it hit me what a special day this really was and so I had to run home and write about it before the date changed. So Happy 19th Barbra and Happy 100th Grandpa Lou! I love you both!


Elle said…
Wow! That is so neat! It is crazy how fast the time has gone! I mean seriously... 19! I'm so glad that I know the Chin family and im so glad that we were able to keep in touch all these years! I love and miss you all!

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