A Bread Addition

The photo below is of the loaf of No Knead Bread I started last night. This photo shows it right out of the oven. Once I slice it I guarentee it won't last long!

I had planned on dumping the dough out of the pan and letting it rise at my Mother-in-Laws. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and so we were heading to her house for dinner right after church. However my husband thought we would only be gone about two hours. I knew better, but dumped the dough anyway and left it to rise while we were gone. Four hours later we arrived home and I heated the oven. I was worried it would not work out after being left so long. I also worried about the bread turning out when I dumped the dough into the pan and it stuck to the towel and seemed to be a big mess, but nothing seems to phase this bread!

Look how pretty it came out:

And here is a photo of the Corning Ware I used to bake my bread in. My friends at church were wondering what I baked it in as I didn't do a very good job explaining. So here is the photo they requested. The bottom of the dish says it is 2.7 L, which is almost 3 quarts. The recipe suggests a much larger size pot and so I can only guess that the bread would be more squat in a large pot. And there's my poetry for the day!

I'm off to cut some bread!


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