Bread Obsession Continues

The family was complaining that there was never enough bread when it came out of the oven and so I made two loaves this time. We demolished 1 1/4 loaves the first day and the rest on the second day. I took a few more photos of how the bread looks along the way, and I also tried a new sized corning ware pan; this one is oblong.
Here is what the dough looks like right after it is mixed together.

This is how it looks after about 12 hours of rising.
I let it raise a few more hours before I took it out.

Here is what it looked like before I put the lid on and stuck it in the oven.

And here it is fresh out of the oven. Yummy -
however, I think I should have baked it just a little longer.
And here are the two loaves cooling on the rack. Round on left and oval on right. Both were tasty, and crusty with a great crumb. They tasted just as good on the second day, AND they were fabulous toasted. I love toast!

One of the children wondered if I can make it without the flour on the crust
so I think I will try using cornmeal next time.
Also, my friend Juliette has offered to let me have some of her sour dough starter to try.
I will pick it up next week and and see if I can make it work!


*emilie* said…
12 hours of rising ? how come it takes so long ? i usually leave mine for about 3 hours... do tell !
also, good idea on the double batch, i guess i should do that too, while you're at it and the kitchen is covered in flour, why not ?!

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