Messing with your mind

I did something I always tell my children not to do.

I bought a new toy for myself right before Christmas. I am so naughty, it's amazing Santa didn't leave a pile of coal in my stocking! But I had to buy it, I had the money and the toy was so cool and I didn't put it on my "this is what I want for Christmas list" so I knew no one would buy it for me, so I HAD to buy it, and I was right, I didn't get a second one for Christmas, so it was good I bought it for myself! *sucks in deeply because of saying all that in one breath*

So what was the cool toy? A cut-a-round ruler and the cool book "Drunkards Path: Stepping Beyond." See - she continues in whiny voice - I bet none of my family and friends would have even thought of getting that for me for Christmas, so it really was a good thing I bought it for myself!

And look how cool it is! It makes circles - EASILY - and really cool patterns with those circles. I decided to use it to make a cuddle quilt for my oldest daughter because I told her the Eclipse quilt wasn't large enough to cuddle up in, it was a wall hanging, and she was disappointed. So I had in mind to make something like the cover of the book, but I didn't share that plan with my daughter. I just started putting up pieces on the design wall (aka a flannel sheet tacked to the wall) and started with complete circles that I had plans of making funky like the book. However it didn't work out that way. I told her that the quilt was for her and had her start helping me put the colors together on the design wall and when I started messing with the circles it messed with her mind, so everything went back to circles. The last thing a college student needs is a quilt that messes with their mind! Classes and professors mess with your mind enough, and so "simplicity" is better. I'll just have to use my cool toy again and make another quilt!
This is very close to what we have ended up with. I think we messed with the colors of the inner circles in the middle a bit more and I am now in the process of sewing it all together. The next step will be to pick a border fabric and then figure out how I want to quilt it! Do I go the easy route or think of something more complex?
Added Note: It's a good thing I took this picture! I went downstairs this morning to find that a cute little cat used the design wall as a place to stretch - AGAIN - she did this many times while I was making my Eclipse quilt, and the result is that blocks fall off the design wall and end up decorating the carpet! But with a photo I can easily figure out where the blocks should be. I hope.


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