More Sun Painting in Winter

The sun came out again today! For those of you who aren't familiar with this thing called the sun, it is a bright light up in the sky that will one day soon make it's way through the clouds to your house. Believe me, the sun likes to play so he'll fight his way through soon!
Today's playing was on some plain white fabric I found in my stash.
Not sure if it is 100% cotton, but I think it is.
It's hard to say with some of the older pieces in my stash.
Step One: I spritzed the fabric with water to make it nice and damp.

Step Two: After mixing a couple colors together to get this beautiful turquoise color
I painted wide stripes on one piece and. . .

Flicked spots on the other. Hey, why not?!
I also sprayed a bit more water on these splashes so they would spread more.

Step Three: I added yellow to what was left of the white,
filling the stripes in completely and splashing on the other, and coloring in the edges.

I put keys, metal and plastic, onto the splattered fabric and. . .

washers onto the striped fabric. I bought these at Home Depot and
I really should have bought more because they just seem so sparse.
I tried to throw them on randomly, but ended up arranging a few.
If I had lots more I would let some of them overlap each other.

Step Four: Into the sun they went. I also bought this board at Home Depot for $3 because my art board was only big enough for one measy piece of fabric. What kind of fun is that?!

And two hours later, this is what I got!

I think I watered down the paint too much because the color just isn't as vibrant as yesterdays experiments. But I do LOVE the circles that the washers create. I will need to get more washers! Some of the key images came out more clear than others, but again I think this is because I washed out too much of the color. Oops.

However, some of the color washed off onto the board and look how pretty my board is now!


*emilie* said…
oh i love it ! never heard of sun painting before.. but then, i can hardly remember what sun looks like right now..

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