I love PLANNING my garden

Perfect ideas.


An ideal version of what I want to accomplish.

*joyful sigh*


Everything is perfect in the planning stages. There are no weeds in my garden plans; no disease, no fungus, no critters or "bad" insects. There are only lovely bumble bees and lady bugs, a dozen varieties of beautifully ripening tomatoes and crisp green beans I eat straight from the vine. Perfectly sized (and in control) zucchini and cucumbers. *deep sigh of contentment*

Today the snow is falling. It's beautiful as I sit in my nice warm kitchen and plan of a perfect spring. I might even get to plant my perfect garden once spring arrives.
IF I get to the soil before the bind weed does.


*emilie* said…
ohhh i love love love planning my garden too. i love watering it also. but i hate weeding it. unless it's a good excuse to tan. but when it's cold and ugly i dont like it. what are you planning ? i can't make up my mind on what to grow this year. i want everything, but it wont fit... do share !

thank you for the bread explanation, i get it now !

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