New Background

Recently I became very tired of the old background on my blog and decided to design something new. I came up with something similar in colors (since I love turquoise), and proceeded to install it into my blog. However, what I actually proceeded to do was make a mess of things! Thanks to a few emails with my dear friend, Ali, and a side remark in a video clip I found on youtube, I am now up and running. However in the process of messing everything up, I decided I didn't like the new background either and so I went back to Adobe Photoshop and designed something totally different! This one is in greens and browns. I love it. I still have to make the background as wide as the page - but I can fix that later - once I finish this post, there is sewing to do!

In the meanwhile, take a moment to look over my new look and let me know what you think! If you are reading this through facebook, or an email, click on the link below to see what I am talking about.


Anonymous said…
I think the new look is...ok, but I guess because I too am middle-aged, it's hard to see with my middle-aged eyes. I think if you could change the font color that would make a difference. I would like to know more about canning all your veggies and making homemade jam!

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