Peas and Thank You are the Magic Words

I have been giving myself a guilt trip for weeks now about my garden. It is March. It is time to plant peas. We had some beautiful days a couple weeks back and a few of my friends planted their peas and I have felt guilty that I didn't join in the fun. But every time I drive in I see this:
Weeds. I hate weeding, especially grass because the roots are as long as the Great Wall in China! I mean really, it's March, don't weeds know they are suppose to take a break and not grow until at least July?!
So at 10 this morning my dear daughter, who is sacrificing her spring break time to help out, and I set to removing the grass and weeds. I then made a quick run to Home Depot for some compost (notice the van has switched parking spots in the carport) and pulled out the rototiller. Thankfully the tiller started right up! Wahoo! I really love using the rototiller!
Aren't I cute?
This is a big girl toy I bought for myself a few years back.
I let my husband use it when I don't want to.
And here is my darling daughter, who is sacrificing her spring break to help me out, smoothing out the soil with a rake. She did an awesome job. Such a good job that she had to redo the smoothing I did on the other side.
Then somehow when I was putting the tiller away I got an owie.
After dumping on the compost, tilling and smoothing the planting begins! I planted two rows of snap peas on the outside and two rows of shelling peas on the inside. In between I scattered on some parsley, spinach and lettuce seeds.
My clever neighbor and her cute dog came over to inspect the job because she couldn't believe I was actually outside.
I have worked very had at burying myself in my basement with my sewing machine all winter.
No wonder I have a Vitamin D deficiency.
And Viola! After covering the seeds and giving them some water we have a full bed planted and one waiting for the last frost date so that I can put in some zucchinis and cucumbers.
And it's only noon. Ho hum. (I'm exhausted and ready for a nap!)
Tomatoes will go on the other side of the house this year. I am hoping to ask my darling husband to build a couple of raised beds on the other side of the house so that the tomatoes can have a nice home too. I'm going to show him these instructions for making a raised bed, and hope he feels inspired. Maybe if I say "Peas."


Anonymous said…
I am soooo jealous! I have been dieing to dig in my garden but in Chicago, the weather is not that nice this early. Sure we have had some nice days lately but still in the low 30's at night. Thanks for the link to the raised flower bed. I've been after Chris to build me one but couldn't really explain how I wanted it to look. I'm glad your neighbor's dog was there to show support. I hope my dog does the same! Have fun in the garden! My turn will come very soon.
Your friend, Marie

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