Sunset Swim

I thought about writing something melecholoy about getting old, but decided that would take too long. There is sunshine to enjoy and books to read, so I'll just give a brief explaination and post the pictures of my latest creation and get on with life!

I call this "Sunset Swim." I intended a double meaning because the woman is swimming at sunset and she is in the sunset of her life. I think both sunsets are beautiful. I created the piece for a "Life's a Beach" reader's challenge in a magazine called Cloth, Paper, Scissors.
Above is the complete piece as photographed on my back lawn (can you tell it's nice and sunny today!) and below is a close up of her swim cap and the sunset.

Hope you have a great day! I'm going to go read a book in the sun!


Sylvia said…
I really like this piece!
Elle said…
Lisa! You are amazing!!! WOW!
Jennilyn said…
You're a quilter!?! Love this piece! Great job! Now I am going to beg for a personal trunk show when I show up in early June, if you are in town? For as many photos of quilts that I see, there is still magic in seeing textiles face-to-face.

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