This is What 49 Looks Like

Just in case you were wondering, this is what 49 looks like. . .
My darling husband turned 49 today.
Isn't he cute?
He would not let me take a regular photo of him, and so he is going into my blog looking just as cute as can be with his old man face! It's his own fault. But in all honesty, I LOVE IT! This photo makes me laugh, and laughing is very good, especially when you laugh as hard as I do every time I look at this picture.
Speaking of good, this not so lovely looking cake pictured below tastes FABULOUS!
It is a Lemon Glaze cake and so easy to make. You might even say that it's a piece of cake, but that would be silly, so I won't go that far.
Happy Birthday Old Man!


Anonymous said…
Sylvia said…
Lisa, please post the cake recipe to the blog!

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