A Tribute

I just finished writing a post about comfort, and now feel the need to comfort myself by writing a few memories about a dear friend who passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 12. His name was Kirby. My girls and I are deeply saddened by his passing. We met Kirby for the first time a number of years ago when he was out for a walk. We were instant friends. He was sweeter than anyone you've ever known. His joyous life was cut short because of a cancerous growth. Unfortunately you won't find his obituary in the paper as Kirby, the tall handsome blond, wasn't a human. He was a "just a dog." But what a dog he was. He didn't realize how big he was and thought he was a lap dog, or at least the size of a puppy. He never lost his puppy spirit. He wanted so much to play to the end, but his body just wasn't able.

My girls and I will always treasure our memories of the blond beauty. We loved seeing him out on walks with his people, John and Ramona. If he saw us, or his best friend Dawn, he immediately came running, actually he would come bounding across the street and if they weren't careful he would be dragging his people behind! Finally his people kept an eye out at our corner and let him off leash so that he could come running to us. He greeted us with love in his face, and immediately began looking for a toy or a treat. He loved to walk between your legs, and if your legs weren't long enough for him to fit through you were raised up onto his back so he could pass through. He didn't judge anyone except for their willingness to play with him. If you threw a stick for him he was your best friend. He loved treats, squeaky toys and sticks. He also loved to carry his own leash.

We will miss you, our dear friend Kirby.

We look forward to seeing you again one day sweet boy,

when I'm sure you will bound up to us all in your joyful way!


Terina Dee said…
I loved this tribute. It was nice to envision so nicely all the old neighberhood and people. I was there. Thanks
Unknown said…
This is the second tribute ai have read today, the other was not a dog, but a husband of five. It is wonderful to take time to appreciate those who make our lives richer.

Oh, my studio has FLOR tiles. They have a website. They are carpet tiles that are washable! Very cool, huh?

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