Carnage and Color

I may have committed a crime against nature today.
I should have pruned this tree,
as well as my peach trees, back in January or February.
But there was always something else to be done:
sewing, quilting, reading, blogging, playing solitaire,
cleaning (not sure if I really did any of that), anything but pruning.
And so here it is a beautiful April day
and the birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and I am . . .
well, I really hope I didn't butchered the trees too badly.
Time will be the judge of my crime.
Time will show whether I killed the tree in it's prime
pruned it lovingly enough to give it the
air, space and room it needs to grow & develop.
While I await the verdict, the sun IS shining,
flowers ARE blooming, the bees ARE buzzing,
and all my windows are wide open
letting the stench of winter out of my house.
So, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of spring with me!

Even the dandelions are pretty today.Get off the computer and go soak up some sun!


Jane Babcock said…
Very nice springtime. I should have you look at my trees. I'm afraid I am over cautious about pruning.

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