Making Memories

In 1986, my dear husband was working as a travel agent, and we were able to do a little bit of traveling. One of those trips was to Washington DC, and since we are in Washington DC today I thought it would be appropriate to show just a couple of the pictures we took once upon a time.
Thats me in the red coat. I loved that coat! These photos are bit dim as they were taken using my little Kodak instamatic camera. I need to learn how to restore photos with Photoshop to make these all look better!

One of the most moving parts of DC for me was when we visited the Vietnam War Memorial.

I was touched by the feeling of deep sadness in the air. My Mom's friend, Jim, died while serving in Vietnam and I did a rubbing of his name from the Memorial to give to her. Since Mom has now passed away, I have the rubbing as well as the flag from Jim's casket, a memorial card from his funeral at Arlington Memorial, and a few pictures of him in Vietnam. I'd like to look up his family one day soon and see if they would like to have the flag and photos. On a lighter note, here is my darling husband on the Mall with the Washington Memorial in the background. My toes get cold just looking at this picture! The weather was freezing when we were there. The weather should be warmer this time around.
And finally a picture of the Capitol. Hopefully we will be able to create lots more wonderful memories of DC as we try to cram everything we can into 3 1/2 days of sight seeing!


Jennilyn said…
When are you coming east? 3.5 days is way too short! Luanna is coming down this next Saturday for a temple trip-so we will be there this weekend early....and if you have time to come north, we know where the absolutely BEST MD crab cakes are! Don't be fooled by any imitations!

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