Mothers around the world Relate

My girls and I found this figure at the National Museum of the American Indian, and she makes me laugh. I think perhaps some of you can relate.
Children climbing all over her, hands protecting the ones on the ground.
She is suppose to be a storyteller, but I beg to differ, I think she is a Mother.
I thought she was either about to yell at the children to get off of her (something I do a lot),
or yell at the world to get away from her children (something else I do a lot).
What do you think?


Jane Babcock said…
Mother definitely, and I think she is just breathing - breathing - breathing.
Elle said…
Hahaha! I totally agree with you Lisa! What a perfect depiction of a Mother!
Jennilyn said…
Mom (and even the phrasing my mom used!) are my thoughts, too! She is waiting for their dad to come hom and cook dinner for all of them, or take her out on a needed date to keep her sanity...

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