What To Do With Bored Children

A few weeks ago I ran across a recipe at The Pioneer Woman.
She had a special visitor, Bakerella,
who has created a recipe for Cake Balls.
They looked so easy and fun that I filed away the idea to do with the kids during spring break.
Today I unloaded the file and we had a great time!
First bake a cake (we used a Devils Food mix) and let it cool.
Play a game of Monopoly Jr. while you wait for it to cool.
Once the cake is cool, crumple the cake into a bowl. The kids LOVED this part.
And yes, I made sure they had all washed their hands first!
Next dump in a tub of store bought frosting (we used cream cheese frosting).
I forgot to load the picture of them dumping in the frosting and it's too much of a pain to load a picture into the middle of a post so I'll just totally skip that photo!
They also enjoyed this part, and used a spatula to dump it in,
not their hands, as tempting as that was for them.
Mix the frosting and cake together until you get a nice crumbly mixture that sticks together.
Roll the cake into balls about the size of a quarter.
You'll end up with about 60 balls, more or less.
Put the balls into the fridge or freezer until they are firm.
Then melt dipping chocolate in the microwave, and dip the balls in!
Put the balls onto a piece of wax paper to cool, and then eat.
They are delicious!
We sure enjoyed them, even if they don't look as good as
(Click on either of the above links for more elaborate directions.)
Give it a try and let us know how it comes out. If you feel really ambitious, try making some of the cake ball pops that Bakerella makes in all kinds of fancy shapes and sizes. They are so cute!


Elmo said…
Thank you so much, Marco and I really enjoyed them after leftover Easter ham and Gorgonzola potatoes. They reminded me of a truffle, but would be fabulous if they had dark chocolate on the outside instead of milk. Yum.
Sikantis said…
A really good post. Good idea for entertaining bored children, they often just want to be esteemed.
Jennilyn said…
I LOVE PW's blog! Found her throgh a link from a friend of a friend of Luanna's and then a quilter here found her another route and we laughed at the blog universe connections!

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