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Where the week has gone I do not know, but it is Friday already and it's time for a Flashback! I dug into a couple of my "scrapbook" boxes today (read: pictures dumped into boxes in no particular order with the hopes of being organized someday) trying to get an idea of what photos I should start scanning. There are so many photos I am overwhelmed and having a hard time making a decision. However, you will be happy to know that I did make a decision and that decision is to let you, the reader, decide for me! I will give you some categories to choose from and you can cast your vote by posting a comment below. Okay? Ok. Thanks for your participation!

So, shall I start with Really Old Photos (The term "really old" is subjective and so I appologize to those reading who do not think that 60 year old photos are "really old."):

This is a photo of my Great Grandmother, Jocie, and two of her daughters, Della and Marie (my grandmother) and three of her many great grandchildren. The baby on the lap of my grandmother is my mother. Her brother is blocking her of course! This was taken in 1943.

Or I could share photos from My childhood (which my children, of course, would say was a really long time ago!) Some of these photos could prove to be very embarrassing. I bet you didn't know I was a child smoker, hmmm neither did I. And then add to it the bruise on my grandmothers arm which looks like someone beat on her and we look like white trash! How embarrassing.
I could skip ahead a few years and share photos of My Babies:
These may not be as embarrassing, except for my outifits. Some of the clothing choices I have made over the years have been questionable. Although I'm not sure I have improved in that category so I will just keep my mouth shut! This is a picture of me and My little J at his baby shower. Aww, isn't he cute. He didn't fit on my lap for very long, and I certainly wouldn't put him on my lap now. The brute is about 6 foot 6 or something up there. No one really knows because no one here is tall enough to measure him.
Or perhaps you would like a good laugh looking back on how cute I was in My Prime:
Here is my sister, her very cute cousin (complicated geneology), and me as a hot 17 year old. Look at that beautiful tan and hair - oh and mine aren't bad either.
And here I am again as a hot 30 year old. Things have just gone downhill from there. Very sad. Should I blame it on the birth of the twins when I was 34? Sounds good, why not.
Or I could turn the spotlight to My Darling Husband:
Here he is at his college graduation with my Mom, J and me. Aren't we all so cute in 1989?
And look how thin and cute he was when he turned 30. He looks like a baby. And can you believe all that hair!!! It's thick and black - not grey! Where did it all go? Let blame that on the twins too.
Or I could have a lot of fun posting pictures of My Sister:
Awwww, what a sweetie. There is nothing embarrassing here. . .but I have some doosies I could share. Mwahhhahahaha! On second thought she would disown me, then kill me and then Flashback Fridays would have to stop. ;) Love you sistah!
How about some flashbacks about My Mom?
Isn't she cute as a high school graduate in 1960? She was 16 years old. She got married the next week and then turned 17 right after that. Such a baby.
And then there is this great photo of her. I found it after she passed away and on the back she had written: "So you won't forget me." Like that was ever possible!
I could go back another generation and share pictures of My Grandmother & other relatives:
Grandma had some great outfits and even better hairstyles! The beehives were fabulous. This is her and her second husband. I think this was in the late 50's or early 60's. Don't they look like they are a part of the Chicago mob or something. Maybe I shouldn't say that because I don't know much about this husband. They weren't married very long and he could have been in the mob for all I know! Shhhhhh, don't tell!
Or lastly I could attempt to share pictures by Themes and Holidays:
Easter is coming up and I could try to find photos of the kids in their Easter clothes. Do I have other pictures of them in their Easter clothes? I think that might take more organization than I have right now. :p Hmmm, but I might be able to pull off various holidays as they come around. Maybe - no guarantees.
So there. Those are your choices. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. If you get this Flashback via email or Facebook you will have to visit my blog to vote! Thanks for your input and I will see you again next week with another rousing episode of FLASHBACK FRIDAYS! (echo, echo, echo)


Dawn said…
start with the most recent and work your way back into time. Speaking of Gus' hair what about yours? It was sooooo thick!!! Sorry, love u
Terina Dee said…
The 30's is the keeper! I'm going to be resurrected as a thirty year old body with the wisdom an eighty-year old mind.
Sylvia said…
I like the hot 30 year old! I was already going downhill before 30, so I am jealous! Although I am not jealous of having twins at 34, my youngest was born when I was 22. It would have been like a second batch of children.

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