A Bit of a Mystery

This past week while we were in Washington DC we went to Arlington Cemetery. We went to see the things that everyone else sees: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and the graves of Robert and John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, but we also went to view the grave of James Lee Ferrell.
Who is he, you ask?
He is a soldier who died in Vietnam in 1969 and he was a friend of my mothers.
When we found his grave, we discovered that his tombstone was missing. There was only a small broken off stone in the ground at the site where the tombstone should be. The tombstone of the soldier next to him was also missing. The front office was surprised to hear this news. The clerk asked if I was his next of kin, and I told them I didn't know if he had any living relatives and so they let me fill out a report.
The reason I don't know if he has any relatives is because my Mom was given the flag from his coffin. I'm really not sure what my Mom's relationship was with him. I have pictures Jim sent to my Mom from Vietnam, as well as a copy of the memorial from his funeral, and the flag from his coffin. I have started to investigate. I hope I can find his family and see if they would like his flag as well as the pictures. Here are a few pictures of Jim in Vietnam
just a few months before he died on November 10, 1969.

This last picture is very odd as on the back it says "July 1986 Wuneler Beach Vietnam"

I'm thinking someone messed up writing down the date correctly. But it's a bit of a mystery.


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