Failure and Success

Last week I received my weekly "Quilting Arts Embellishments" e-newsletter which demonstrated a photo transfer technique I had never heard of. As with most new things that I find interesting it has occupied my mind almost 24/7.
I searched through a few stores for the product the technique required without luck. I then searched the products website and not only found a list of stores which carry Citrasolv but I also discovered a few other things. Citrasolv's website has great coupons on their website as well as instructions for using Citrasolv to make photo transfers. I finally found the product at Harmon's yesterday and I am so excited to give the technique a try.
After having my photo printed at the copy shop, I put everything together to try this exciting new technique.
I stretched the fabric around my 16" square ruler to make the fabric nice and tight.
Then taped the photo on to the top of the fabric.

I applied the Citrasolv lightly to the paper with a cotton ball, and then rubbed the photo with the back of a spoon. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed - and NOTHING!
I was SO Disappointed!
I went back to the website and researched the method again to make sure I was doing everything right. I found out that you can also transfer from magazines and newspapers so I decided to experiment with a newspaper ad. I thought this would tell me if my failure had been due to the fabric or the copy.
And low and behold. . .
I'm so excited!
Now I just need to find a color copy machine that uses toner and not ink so that I can transfer my picture. Wahoo!


Anonymous said…
YAY, success!!! You have to love learning a new skill/technique!! Cant wait to see what you do with it =]

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