Family Flashback

Just over a hundred years ago a boy was born in Kwong Tung Province (a.k.a. Kwang Tung or Canton) China.
He grew to be a man and married a young woman in China (and yes, she was much younger than she is pictured below when they met and married). She was apparently quite a tall women, said to be about 5'11".
They had a beautiful son and then moved to Jamaica. . .
where they had two more sons.
Here is the handsome second son:
Around the 1930's or 40's another man came from China to Jamaica, and he married a woman of Scottish Jamaican heritage.
They had three daughters and a son. Only the second and fourth daughters are shown above as their oldest daughter (seen below) and their son had been sent to China to live with family until the parents and the rest of the family could move back as well. However I suppose it was not meant to be and the children lived in China for ten years before returning to Jamaica.
The second son of the first family I mentioned married the oldest daughter of the latter family shortly after she had returned from China.
They soon started their own family and had two boys and a girl.
Aren't they adorable? I love the skinny ties on the boys and the handbags carried by
mother and daughter. These cute children grew up into some groovy looking teenagers.
And then to top it all off, 25 years and 5 months ago, I married the tall one on the right with the big hair. Isn't he adorable?


Jane Babcock said…
Very nice history in pictures. Fascinating. You need to add photos of youself and your children.
Anonymous said…
I love your flashback Fridays. When I get some time... ha. Terina

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