Graduation Day

May is the time for flowers, mother's day and graduations.
My dear husband got his Baccalaureate in Political Science in 1989.
I was barely pregnant with our second child.
Don't you love the great big glasses we both have.
And the darling boy in my husbands arms
is now as tall as both of us put together.
My dear husband graduated again in 1995 with his law degree
after taking a few years off to work for the Army.
This time we still have big glasses and I have HUGE shoulder pads!

I followed in DH's large footsteps and received my
baccalaureate in Journalism in 1995 as well.

It was a very busy few years for us!Look how big our babies were then.

Why didn't anyone tell me that the silly collar thing was messed up.

It is off in everyone of my graduation pictures and it really bugs me now!

But back to the real topic at hand!

It is 2009 and we are celebrating another college graduation today.
Here's a picture of our sweet little graduate:

He was about 6 weeks old here and not feeling very happy apparently.
Here's a better photo of him feeling perky when he was a year old.He has always been a very curious young man. And very active too.

Although the pose in this photo looks like he is modeling for a Penny's ad. Sometimes this curious, active young man would stop to show his Mom a little love. How can you not want to kiss this sweet face!

(I made the shirt he is wearing in this class picture, btw. I think he had some matching shorts with it, poor kid.) Sometimes it is hard to remember this sweet little boy with the transformer toy because he is all grown up now.

He graduated from High School four years ago and now
he is graduating with a Baccalaureate in Social Justice Film & Law.
His graduation pictures will be very different from this photo taken just a few months ago as
he is now bald. He donated those 12 inches of beautiful hair to Locks of Love.
Congratulations my boy!


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