Millcreek Today

Today was a beautiful day up the canyon.
We haven't been up here in years.
The first part of the hike is all uphill and I thought I might die.
Here is a view of the parking lot from one of the places I stopped to catch my breath.
You can see the cars through the trees.
This part of the hike was nothing for these girls.
They are all tough and in shape, unlike their mother.
There were some beautiful flowers blooming.
Here is another spot that was straight uphill and I thought I was going to die.
See how far up we've come!
The girls had to stop quite often and wait for their out of shape mother.
The mountains were so beautiful.
And there was a nice breeze blowing every now and again.
There were also shaded and covered areas that were so beautiful!
I finally made it to the other end!
Now only 1.6 miles back. I think I'll die.
Isn't this a beautiful view?

This is why the trail is called the Pipe Line Trail -
it used to have a big pipe that carried water.
They are waiting for me to catch my breath again.
Such nice girls.
A view of the mountains across the way.
Going back downhill.
We are up so high!
And we made it back!
They look no worse for wear. . .
but I could sure use a nap!


Anneliese said…
You go girl!!! Looking at those pictures of the mountains almost makes me want to go on a hike. Almost.

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