Christmas, already?

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?
I made this perfect little Petunia Pig (pattern by Melly & Me) for Whimsy
the other day and decided to get her ready for Christmas
because the Christmas fabrics have started arriving.
That's right, if you want to avoid the "oh my, it's two minutes until Christmas and I haven't made the (fill in name of project here) for (fill in name of favored person here) yet!!!" then you had better get busy.


Elle said…
Okay, you are WAY TOO TALENTED!!!! Save some for the rest of us... gee!! :) Seriously Lisa, this is amazing! Such a cute little piggy!! And as far as I am concerned... it can be Christmas ALL YEAR!!! :) Love ya!
Anonymous said…
Christmas yet? No Way!!! Terina

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