Fun Projects

Other than keeping up with children, dishes, laundry and garden
(which the rain has been taking care of)
I've been a little busy making some fun projects.
This little gal is Clucky and her brood from Melly & Me.
She is a plucky little gal with her hands full (er I mean wings) of four little ones.
She's a hard working mother
and is already teaching her children the finer points of music.
And since Black Sheep was "born" at the same time
she has also taken him under her wing at the piano.
I finally finished the circle quilt I have been working on for my oldest daughter. It only took me 6 months. Unfortunately this quilt got pushed to the back burner more than once and then the sewing machine I quilt with jammed up and I haven't had it repaired yet. I took the quilt to my friend Juliette's house and quilted it with her fabulous Bernina Aurora 440 QE machine. I didn't quilt anything fancy as I was just wanting to get it done (Sorry B)
but I do think it turned out beautiful.
Now that these projects are finished
I'm off to chauffer children
and then head in to work for a fun time at Shop Hop.
Stop by and see me!


Jane Babcock said…
I love the quilt, beautiful colors, beautiful pattern. It would be worth waiting for.
Terina Dee said…
I love the projects. each has such personality!! A piece of yours!!!
Lori said…
Wahoo! Cool quilt. Wish I was back messing around in fabric stores with you. I miss Quilter's Holiday. >>>sigh<<<
Anonymous said…
OMG they are sooooo fabulous!!!! I just adore the fabric on black sheep and it is the first Clucky I have seen made up other than mine - they are just amazing and you must be so pleased!!!! Thanks so much for sharing =] =] =]

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