Here I am with my favorite beverage.
You have to look at this photo closely because
there is a cute checked puppy on the couch
which could explain my obsession with making Melly & Me animals.
I wonder who is on the front of that "TV Preview" on the coffee table. . . *Deep Sigh* I loved my tricycle.
Now I just love the city-ness of this photo
with the stairs and laundry in the back.

The house in the next photo is where we lived
when I followed the neighbor boy
to his Grandma's house and we got lost.
I remember the little boy yelling at me to go home
and I didn't know where home was.
He threatened to push me down a very deep hole.
I was so traumatised.

Obviously this picture was taken before we ran away
because I'm sure the trauma would still be evident on my face.


Lori said…
You haven't changed a bit!!! I love your blog. Keep it going. I would like to "follow" it so put one of those "follow-thingys" on your page.
Cute photos! I love old black & whites.. but there aren't any of me, I know I could edit them, but I like that old 70s look :)
Anneliese said…
I love how cute you are! So, are you going to sign every picture you post?

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