Making stamps with Glue

Last week I blogged about following a
video prompt on the Quilting Arts website.
First I doodled then I made a stamp using precut craft foam.
This was a lot of fun and I am determined to play with this idea more,
but in the meanwhile there was another technique to try.
This week I made a stamp using glue.
Using a piece of corrugated cardboard I ripped off of a box, I first sealed the cardboard by applying a layer of glue to the entire piece. Then after copying a couple of my doodles onto the cardboard I used a thick white glue on the left hand squiggles and a hot glue gun on the right hand lines. The white glue hasn't completely dried in this picture. It is clear once it dries.
I then stamped onto the same fabric I used for the craft foam stamp as I still had a couple of empty places on the fat quarter.

I really like the lines you can get with both kinds of glue stamps, but I think I will play more with the hot glue as it drys quicker and I can be so impatient sometimes.
I also love the straight lines mixed in with the dots of the craft foam stamp. I can't wait until it's time to play again!


Anneliese said…
Looks like fun to me! Although, I think pink is a much cuter color - maybe next time . . .
Jane Babcock said…
I'm impressed. Glue seems very controllable and versatile. Now if I were in to stamps...

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