Our Little Visitor

These two believe they rule the house. . .
and now we have a guest who has invaded their domain.
He just wants them to play with him,
but they refuse to give him the time of day.
How can they be so cruel to such a sweet looking little boy?
Don't worry kids, Jack is only here for a week
and then the house will be yours again.
In the meantime, try hard not to scratch our guest.


Anonymous said…
Look at that face? What's not to love? Spit, Hiss. Terina
Anonymous said…
Little Jackaroni is so cute but I do feel for the kitties. Wish Elmo was up to playing with Jack, maybe Indy will.
Jane Babcock said…
I think all of my daughters are allergic to cats. So its not even an option. They would never come visit me. I like other people's pets at their house.

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