Strawberry Picking

We picked strawberries today at Day Farms.

It's the last of the season so the berries are a little smaller, but oh so delicious!
Rows and rows of strawberries
with asparagus gone to seed on the left and in front.

They are so cute hiding amoung the leaves.

After picking we went back to the barn.
One of the girls enjoyed the experience more than the other.

Weighed each container of strawberries
and put the money into the green box.
They operate on the honor system.
My hand got a little red but not as red as they will get
when I make them into jam this afternoon!

We picked up a list of other vegetables we can pick later in the season
and I believe we will return.
It was definately worth the drive.
They will have strawberries again in August!


Jane Babcock said…
Ah another thing to do next year. You inspire me.

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