Photo Booth Obession Continued

It looks like I won't have to stick the whole family in a closet afterall. One of our good friends was kind enough to have a photobooth at her wedding reception and we all squeezed ourselves in for a picture or two or three.
If only my son had been there, then we could have made one of the photos into our Christmas card.

Oh well, we all had a great time anyway.

We made lots of silly faces,

and a few serious faces,

very few serious faces actually,

because when it comes right down to it, we just can't help but be ourselves in a photo booth.


Anonymous said…
PHHHHAAAAAHHHH!!!! Dia says she needs bangs to fit in! Terina
Anneliese said…
That is awesome! A photo booth at your wedding!?! What a great idea!
Elle said…
That was SO much fun!!

Dia, I cut hair for a living... :) haha!

I love friends & Memories!!!

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