Baked Fudge

Baked Fudge.
Same thing.
I read the recipe for Baked Fudge on The Pioneer Woman's blog
almost six months ago and I have been drooling ever since. Yes, I know you've been wondering why I have been carrying this tissue around all that time, and now you know.
I didnt' make it right away because I didn't have ramekins to make it in. The recipe says you can use an 8 x 8 dish but I think I just needed a good excuse to buy ramekins. When I went to Sistah's in July I found these cute ramekins for just 99 cents each at Chef's Warehouse.

After the fudge bakes for almost an hour you plop on some freshly whipped cream and. . .

prepare to go straight to heaven.

It's kind of gooey and rich and chocolatey and creamy and delicious.
So worth the wait!
I think I need to make it again right now.


Sylvia said…
I assume that you are going to share this recipe, right?

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