Midge Meditation

This is my latest quilt for the 12x12 group I belong to.
I made the frog using some fabrics I dyed
and a portrait method I learned about on Quilting Arts TV.
And I feel like my machine quilting has improved greatly since I took a class from my friend Lisa Brothman.


Jane Babcock said…
I love the colors -- and the frog.
Jennilyn said…
Beautiful! Which Simply Quilt episode?
Lisa Chin said…
Thank you. Quilting Arts TV Episode 406 - Simple Portraits. Click on the words "Quilting Arts" within the post and it will take you to the instructions.
redzshadow said…
I ran across your blog through the Sew Mama Blog. I just wanted to say that I think this quilt is beautiful! I thought it was a painting at first.
Melly Testa said…
Gorgeous! Really nice work!

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