Recycling Furniture

My Sistah lives in a city that loves to recycle.
They are very environmentally conscience.
She has four, or maybe it is five, separate garbage bins
to separate her trash into for pick up.
It only makes sense then that she would want to recycle her couch and chair rather than buy new when she became tired of the look. Not to mention, the cushions are very comfortable because they are comprised of down and if it weren't for the time my son collapsed into the couch it would also be very structurally sound. (Sorry about that Sistah.)

A few months ago we devised a plan that I would come visit her and make some new slipcovers for her couch. I've done a lot of sewing in past years and I have made slipcovers for a few simple upright chairs but I've never taken on such a big project as this. I was a bit nervous. Especially with all the zippers. Zippers are not my favorite. But after taking a deep breath (and watching this entire tutorial a couple of times) I dove in. I worked about 3 1/2 days making the slip covers for the chair and couch but I didn't get one made for the ottoman (another vacation perhaps?!). And thanks to some tips on the tutorial the zippers were a breeze.
The fabric on the chair is very soft
(it looks so shiny in the photo but it really isn't this shiny in person).
I think the couch turned out beautifully too -
Even the puppy loved it.


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you did it! Your success give so much Power to me!!! Terina

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