One of the saddest parts of my Mother and Grandmother being gone
is that they aren't here to tell me who these people are. . .

I've inherited numerous photos, some are beautiful, some are funny, some are even out of focus.  I love them all because they represent a moment in time. 
How can you not love a photo of a woman in the real fur coat standing by a plastic Santa Claus on a green lawn.  I have no idea who she is but she makes me smile.  I'm sure Mom or Grandma would know and they would have a funny story about the picture too.
The black and white photo at the bottom looks like it might have been taken at one the apartments we lived in in Chicago, but I have no idea who the tall thin man is in front of it.  He seems very mysterious to me.
The picture of the two boys buried at the top right was with a stack of photos that were taken in England.  My guess is they are siblings, cousins, neighbors or friends of my Aunt who is from England.
  Obviously someone wanted to remember them so they took their picture.  I'm sure Grandma would be able to tell me what scoundrels those boys are but without her here to ask I can only guess.
I really don't have a clue as to who all these strangers are.

And without Grandma or Mom around to ask who these people are I'm feeling a bit sad and in the dark.

Moral of this story:  Label your photos!!!


Jennilyn said…
So true! Label, label, label. Label your quilts, your journals, everything!

I found an old photo album at a flea market, precious photos, no labels, no names. I used the photos in seminary, so show the importance of records and journal keeping and why Lehi sent his sons back for the plates... "How much would you know about your family if this is all you had of them?"
Anonymous said…
I'm not about the label, I'm about not keeping photos of people that no one will care about after I die - it makes no sense to keep them and have someone try to figure out where, when... I suppose that seems morose, I'm thinking more pragmatic.
There are a stack of those that came from John's grandpa. It would be good to have known who they were!

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