Color Wheel

I'm following again.
Following a prompt to learn to mix dyes.

I started with Turquoise, Fuchia and Bright Yellow and made this silly color wheel.

Color wheel in the center with gradations on the outside.
I've made color wheels in watercolors but never in fabric dye. 
It was a very similar experience but still fun.


Jane Babcock said…
Cute. How big is it? I can imagine it being used and/or displayed in a variety of ways. My pragmatic nature coming out. I guess creative people don't always bother to use or display. The creation seems to be the fun.
Melly Testa said…
I store my color wheel trials in my three ring binders (after washing). Then if I want to mix a specific color and am stumped, I leaf through and look at what I have created and it usually moves me stall. Great job Lisa. You get a gold star!
Jennilyn said…
This looked fun!

I save all my color wheels, too.

This morning I wrote a note to you on Darcey family blog--not scolding you--encouraging, hopefully. It is something I feel strongly about and I realize after-the-fact that things come out sterner than I intended (my father's daughter). SO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU! Whatever you read!

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