Christmas Crafting

It is getting to be that time of year where I need to really get my act in gear for Christmas if I truely want to make gifts.  I love sharing the things I make but as the items are gifts for the people who read my blog (well they look at the pictures actually - they rarely read what I write so I could tell all about the projects and not just post pictures ;)), I can't really share anything. 

However I do have something to share that may be of interest.  I've run across a couple of blogs with great gift ideas and I thought others might want to check them out to get some great ideas:

Chickpea Studio - My friend Juliette is very creative and posts fun projects to her blog. She has a list of tutorials down the side of her blog with fun projects.  She and also writes tutorials for Berninas Sewing Republic. I've made her key wristlets and crocheted baskets. She also has a great tutorial for a fold up, take along crumb catcher to put underneath a high chair.  I think I need one big enough to put under my entire dining table.

Modge Podge Rocks  - Every day Amy posts a link of a project made with modge podge.  This is not your Momma's Modge Podge!  Who knew so many really awesome projects could be made with Modge Podge and that there are now so many types of the fabulous stuff.  I remember making decopodge projects in the 70's with Precious Moments pictures but this is nothing like that!  Lots of beautiful projects.

Sew, Mama, Sew - is having a month of gift ideas.  Everyday there is more than one project posted with links to tutorials as well as homemade projects that are already made up so you can give homemade without the home-making. :)

Homemade by Jill - Just discovered this blog this morning and the link will take you to a very cute playhouse she made from felt for her one year old.  I'm wishing I had been that creative when my kids were little!  They would have LOVED this house.  There is an apple tree with removeable apples, as well as a doggie door and a garden with veggies that can be picked.  She has lots of other cute projects she's made with links to where she found the projects.

Happy Crafting!


Unknown said…
Thank you for posting me! You are so sweet. I hope to have many Christmas projects up soon. :D
Unknown said…
Thanks for all those links , Christmas is really getting very close , take care .

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