More Halloween Flashbacks

I've decided that I have a bad memory. 
I know this is quite a shock to some of you
but to my family it is well known
The situation that has brought about this recent revelation is my lack of Halloween pictures.  I am having a hard time finding any so I have decided that because everything is always so exciting on Halloween that I let the chocolate do the talking and forgot all about the camera to document the event.
As I come across more Halloween pictures I will include them here at random times of the year just in case I did take any more photos and have forgotten where they are - which I probably have.

My sweet darling is NOT a pioneer in this photo of her at the school
Halloween parade she is Emma Hale Smith.  We worked hard to make the curls on her side of her head perfect.  I am not a very good hairdresser.

As she has gotten older she has varied her costumes around this crown.
She is my princess even without the crown.


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