Modge Podge Frames

I saw a great project on the Mod Podge Rocks website which I thought my two youngest would love to make for friend gifts.  Turns out one thought it was fabulous and the other wanted to be on the computer.
What a surprise.

Those of us who liked the project had a great time.

I found these great little frames for 50% off at the local craft store.

We scraped off the Christmas bit and modge podged cute paper on top.

We really made a big mess.

These are a few of the nine my daughter made (glue still a little wet).

And here are the five I made.

What are you making this Christmas?


Unknown said…
My blog in the background?? Oh dear, I'm so flattered! Your frames turned out awesome!!
Jennilyn said…
LOVE these frames! Love modge podge--I've used a lot of Ikea napkins to make cool gifts--lately that hard-sided suitcase for Emma (but that was with wrapping paper, but modged-podged!).

Berets from old sweaters (cheap recyclying!)

Banners from wool scraps and blazers I've hoarded.
Melly Testa said…
Nice work on the gifts! Much better than santa frames too.

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