Beautiful Images

I just found this wonderful website/blog which is full of beautiful antique and vintage images for mixed media artists.  The images are fun and lovely and FREE of any copyright restrictions!  Here are a few examples of images I thought were wonderful. . .

Beautiful Daylilies

I love these keys!  They would be so beautiful to use in printing or sun dying.

 Such a sweet face!  There are antique photos of people too.
And lots of lovely drawings of birds, butterflies and insects.
So far I have downloaded 37 images.  I'm looking forward to using them someday soon. 


Jennilyn said…
Hurrah for contestant #9! I am so glad you are doing this, too! I wonder how hard it will be to guess each other's work with no names attatched? Do you think quilters have a "style?" Good for you at keeping your word and doing this crazy thing! Hugs, #3
Unknown said…
Thanks for that , I just love the keys !

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