Brigham City Art Museum

I have met some of the best people through my quilt guild!  They are awesome and so talented too.  My friend Kaye Evans has a quilt show on display at the Brigham City Museum until February 24th called "Tribute to Friendship: Quilting Round Robin."  A group from my quilt guild went up last week to admire the quilts and while we were there we had to visit the local quilt shop.  Kaye's exhibit was a display of about 50 quilts made with friends during various round robins.  Kaye has a great sense of style and color and I love the settings she used in many of the quilts.  I'll let the photos do the talking:


Jennilyn said…
Fun quilts! Love the beaded binding-whew, lots of work! But the 3 billy goats is my favorite. Who is the quilter-artist?

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