I am a big believer in "Done" lists instead of "To Do" lists.  Here is mine from last week.  I may have forgotten one or two items. Maybe.

Follow New Daily Cleaning List: Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Missed Saturday and I avoid cleaning on Sundays therefore missed that day too.

Finish sewing together two charity quilts for Quilters Holladay: Check and Check
Ruin entry for Quilting Arts Calendar Challenge: Check
Finish sewing top of Love quilt (photos in March after voting): Check
Drive daughter back to her apartment before going to my QH meeting: Check

Attend night meeting of Quilters Holladay, arriving late and leaving early because of driving children: Check

Hand off Charity quilts for someone else to quilt: Check and Check

Leave Meeting early to Drive another daughter and her friend home from Volleyball: Check

Attend QH morning meeting and pick up more Charity quilts - these to be made for Haiti: Check

Shop at Target for three hours: Check (well maybe only 2 1/2)

Find cool new stuff at Target and not spend a lot of money: Surprisingly - CHECK!

Spend too much time talking at Whimsy Cottage: Check (wait that may have been last week)

Attend a great dessert class taught by Maria: Check and Yum!

Spend $20 at a woman's "Selling my Stash" sale: Easily Checked off and found great deals.

Go to Visiting Teaching Conference: Check

Have Chinese New Year Dinner with kids and In Laws at delicious Chinese resturant 1 hour away: Check

Help Gus with Registration at a Single Adult Dance for 31 to 45 yr olds: Check

Be grateful I am married to such a fabulous man: BIG CHECK

Have 11 people over to our home for Chinese New Year Dinner that was cooked by my fabulous husband: Check and YUM

Make Cream Filled Strawberries with daughters for above said dinner: Check and YUM
Read Food Rules:An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan: Almost checked off - not hard to read and interesting

Exercise: Nope unless I count walking around Target for hours on end and come to think of it think - I do!

Usual Sunday Afternoon Nap: Nope, had fun with the family and guests instead. A good tradeoff.


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