More Dyeing

My friend Ruth from my quilt group has a condo up at Snowbird and she invites the group up once a year to sew and share in a pot luck lunch.  We always have a good time visiting and seeing what everyone is doing.  This year my friend Sandy drove and I brought a bag of items to arrange and a large cooler.  However the cooler wasn't full of food, it was empty on the way up and right before we left I filled it with Snow.
And why would I do such a crazy thing?
So that I could dye more fabric of course!
And these turned out Gorgeous!  The bucket on the left has two half yard pieces of pfd Kona Cotton and the bucket on the right has a pfd canvas tote bag I bought when I was at Dharma Trading last summer.
The weather was so warm last night (in the 40's and 50's) I left the buckets out on the patio and this morning the snow was mostly gone and it had left the most beautiful patterns.
The tote. . .
And the two half yards:
I was able to get some great photos so that these colors look very true on my monitor.  I hope they look as good on yours. I used PR15 : AMETHYST and PR25 : TURQUOISE  Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes which I also purchased from Dharma Trading.
The lighter spots are not flash burns in the photo but actual almost white portions of the fabric.  I love the textures in these pieces.  I think I'm going to have a hard time cutting them up.  I may have to just hang them up as is for awhile and enjoy the rich color and texture.


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