Something Ugly

Have you ever made something so Ugly that you hated it and wanted to throw it away but you had to enter it in a contest because it was all you had that fit the theme and the deadline was immdiate and you were committed to enter something?  I hope you are never in that position.  I am and did send a picture of the quilt doing what I could with the photo to help the colors.  And lest you think I am just being overly sensative, when I asked my children what I should call the quilt they gave me names like "Ugly Quilt" and "Scary Quilt."  If I'm brave enough I'll post a picture of the quilt once the voting is completed.


Sue said…
Everything you make is cute and clever. I can't imagine anything you make to be ugly!!!
I really thought it was sweet. I'm sorry you're not in the contest anymore. I think there has been quite a bit of "telling" going on. Kinda makes you glad you're out, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
I'm one of the people who voted for yours. I really thought it fit the theme best. Melissa called it "telling" I think it's cheating! I haven't voted for the winner either month. Next month should be interesting too. I'm sorry you can't continue but I follow your blog so I'll be watching for new things from you.
Eve said…
Your description cracked me up. There is always an element of surprise in quilting, isn't there? Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it just doesn't look the way it did in your head.

That said, I was trying to figure out which was the "ugly" quilt and couldn't. I think you were a little hard on yourself - it definitely had a sweet vintage feel.

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